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Buttocks Fat Transfer and Tummy Tuck $7,399

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Weight Up to 120 Lb | See Details

Buttocks Fat Transfer and Tummy Tuck $7,769

Torso, 3 Areas
Lipo Bra Rolls, Love Handles,
Lower Tummy or Upper Tummy
Weight Up to 121-155 Lb
See Details

Buttocks Fat Transfer and Tummy Tuck $8,249

Torso, 3 Areas
Lipo Bra Rolls, Love Handles,
Lower Tummy or Upper Tummy
Weight Up to 156-190 Lb
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Liposculpture Before and after
By Otto Jimenez

Tumescent Liposculpture is perhaps one of the most performed cosmetic procedures in the United States, its extraordinary results and faster recovery have become very popular among women. But despite being a highly safe and successful method does not escape certain requirements before and after the procedure.

While it is true that tumescent liposuction is now established as a standard of aesthetics industry in our country, and that over the years has been greatly improved equipment and supplements used to address this procedure, its premises are still very simple but effective. Optimal results are obtained if you devotedly follow these pre and post procedure tips. also remember that a harmonious figure depends not only a well made liposculpture, also involves a change of attitude and habits towards life.

Perhaps one of the most frequent faults in liposuction patients is neglect in their diet just before the procedure. Women who come to visit are weighed and measured, in order to plan your liposuction based on your aesthetic goals and the conditions of the body, but some people, thinking they are going to remove the fat with liposuction, believe they have free permission to eat what they please. Some have gain up to 12 pounds in 7 days, which is not only sensitive to the patient’s health, as sudden weight gain cause problems in the body, but also challenge the procedure and everything planned days before.
It is more advisable that you consult with your trusted specialist, set a proper diet to prepare your body for the process will happen in the coming days. A balanced diet with plenty of fluids, without cigarettes, carbonated beverages or too much fried food is what is estimated to regular liposuction patients.

Be sure to ask all the details, take advantage to clarify any questions you have, likewise must be very responsible to tell if you are taking any medication, even as simple as an aspirin can be taken into account.

After the procedure, be sure to follow the instructions of the specialist, and if possible take the massage after liposuction. These massages will tone and help skin regain its freshness, and optimize the results of the procedure significantly. It seems incredible, but the second most frequent missing after liposculpture, is exactly the same as the first. Many of the people who undergo this cosmetic procedure known to neglect their diet and gain weight again. One of the habits not recommended for people with particularly liposculpture and fat transfer is the cigarette consumption is markedly affects the results of the transfer, in addition to cause major problems to the body.

As I always say, consult your trusted specialist, clarify all your doubts, and be prepared to positively change your lifestyle with a beautiful and harmonious figure, you will not regret.

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