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The Latest Fad Celebrities Health
By Otto Jimenez

Intravenous infusion therapies have been known for quite some time, however the dynamics of modern life, the multitude of daily activities, and poor nutritional quality of foods today have made these alternatives a popular choice to renew all the potential of our body quickly and efficiently.

Basically Infusion Therapy is a method by which the body is fed with vitamins, minerals and other natural substances directly into the blood stream, avoiding passage through the digestive system, thereby nutrient absorption is directly and more effective.

Today it is very common to see celebrities, actors, politicians, executives and athletes use these therapies to maintain the level of performance that they have to be all the time, but people with more common styles of life have also found in these therapies a good choice for improving the quality of life they lead.

The popularization of beauty treatments such as liposuction, tummy tuck and the fat transfer make these therapies a good choice to enhance the resilience of the body, and improve the results of liposuction or any other treatment used in addition to helping the body eliminate toxins and improve performance.

Are several types of cocktails depending on the needs of everyone, here I list some of them:

Recovery Cocktail:

  • A healthy hang-over cure
  • This treatment focuses on total hydration, restoring energy and flushing toxins from your system
  • A perfect Monday morning routine to start the week, no matter what your weekend was like

Super Immune Cocktail - Anti-viral Cocktail:

  • Knock out the symptoms of cold or flu before they knock you out
  • Formulated with potent anti-viral like vitamin D and selenium one or two infusions at the first sign of illness can reduce your symptoms and the time spent fighting through a cold or the flu
  • Stay well, especially if you are prone to infections
  • A powerful mix of nutrients to enhance your body's natural defenses and increase energy
  • A weekly routine is recommended for those especially vulnerable or with weakened immune systems

Weight Loss Cocktail

  • Sustain vital nutrition while on a weight loss program.
  • A formula that feeds your body essential vitamins, minerals and amino acids so you maintain optimal health while shedding excess pounds.
  • An important weekly treatment that supports all the work you're doing to lead a healthier, happier life.

Healthy Hair/skin/nails Cocktail

  • Vital nutrition to support the fast-growing cells of hair, skin and nails.

  • Great for those with thinning hair or weak nails, and hair transplant patients.

  • Specific protocol with oral supplements to promote maximum benefits.

Skin Lightening Cocktail

  • Achieve a lighter, fairer skin tone.

  • A combination of powerful anti-oxidants delivered with essential fluids, hydrate and reduce melanin production.

  • A series of treatments may result in fairer skin tones.

Visit your trust center, ask about these options and which is the most recommended for you. It is also wise to ask about the complete packages with everything, so the price of these treatments is greatly reduced. Quit doubts, and fill with positive energy, you will surely not regret. Make an Appointment


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