Who needs Botox®?

Facial and necklines are caused by the repeated use of the facial and neck muscles whenever we frown, squint or smile. Some people have a distinctive facial habit like raising eyebrows when keeping attention. Over the time a set of facial lines appear reflecting individual habits.

Botox® injections are a very safe and powerful resource to help reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, as well as rejuvenating the face and neck.

Injections are given to temporarily put the muscles to sleep for a period of three to six months, although the results can last longer with repeated treatments. This freezing of the muscle is always temporary and can never be permanent. The muscle only “hibernates” for a few months. Usually patients have a few of these injections over the first year until the muscle becomes less bulky, due to the hibernating effect. Thereafter, patients may need less frequent treatment.

The experience and skill of the physician performing the treatments are paramount to achieving optimal results. Dr. Bird knows how to put the right amount of Botox in just the right area to produce a natural and refreshed appearance. Too much Botox can result in a frozen and surprised look. Any physician using Botox should understand how the muscles of the face work with each other in concert. Some muscles lift, while others depress. Botox has a long history of safety. It has been used to treat other medical conditions for about twenty years.



BOTOX® Injections for Wrinkles

BOTOX® treatments have provided patients with relief from excessive armpits, hand and feet sweating and muscle spasms of the neck and back. Botox reduces excessive sweating by paralyzing the muscles associated with sweat glands and preventing them from expressing sweat.

The positive benefits of botulinum toxin injections are that while the muscle is temporarily immobilized, the frown line is not being created or reinforced. Most patients notice that their existing frown lines do soften because the forehead is completely relaxed (partial relaxation also can be achieved as patient may desire). Some people have a markedly one-sided face due to an overactive muscle on one side. This treatment can be used to weaken an overactive muscle thereby balancing the face.

  • Brow lift
  • Corners of the Mouth
  • Crow’s Feet
  • Forehead Lines
  • Gummy Smile
  • Lines Between the Eyes or Worry Lines
  • Lined Underneath the eyes
  • Lip Lines
  • Neck Bands
  • Smoker’s Lines

How is Botox® applied?

  1. The process or receiving Botox Injections takes approximately 20 minutes.
  2. The physician will clean your skin and numb it with local anesthesia ointment. Small amounts of Botox will be injected into the area by a thin needle (almost the size of a thread) to be treated.
  3. The physician will ask you to frown so that he can see the exact pattern of the forehead and frown movements in the individual patient.
  4. Afterwards you may have some tiny red marks where the needle was inserted, that may be present for up to 24 hours.

The effects of the Botox gradually occur over seven to ten days. After two weeks, the muscle will completely ‘sleep’.

Occasionally, you may require more than the usual injection amount; if the targeted muscle does not go to sleep you may have to have a touch up injection. Also, patients who have well-exercised and developed frown muscles (more common in men) may require a larger amount of BOTOX®. It is better to inject a conservative amount of the substance and add more if required.

It must be emphasized that the injection is intended to make it difficult to frown. We all frown subconsciously, BOTOX® treatment prevents inadvertent frowning. The BOTOX® substance cannot cause any permanent damage or travel inside the body because it attaches itself to the muscle and cannot migrate from there. The injection technique that is used ensures that the substance cannot pass into the bloodstream.

It is important to select a BOTOX® treatment professional who possesses the highest possible qualifications when considering this procedure. In many physician’s offices and medical spas, a nurse often provides treatment.

However, at The Body Sculptique Cosmetic Center, patients will benefit from Dr. Bird’s extensive education and knowledge of facial muscles as he personally performs all BOTOX® treatments.


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