Electrotherapy, also known as passive gymnastics or electro stimulation, is an excellent method that uses electrical muscle stimulation (isometric contractions) to restructure, tighten, and give elasticity to the muscles. The reason for its effectiveness lies on working simultaneously at the muscular, circulatory, lymphatic, and nervous systems, following a process of action ranging from the more internal to the more external tissues of the body. This excellent therapy can be applied in multiple areas at the same time such as buttocks, hips, abdomen, back, legs and arms.

Working on the muscle, it induces a special form of isometric workout that increases metabolism, boosting the consumption of energy, burning calories and correcting and enlarging muscle tone. It also promotes the mobilization of fat deposits, and consumes the stored fat causing inches loss. On the circulatory system, it increases the absorption and mobilization of accumulated fluids, increasing the function of the lymphatic drainage, and acting directly on cellulite and edema. This procedure does not have any known undesirable side effects.

The Electrotherapy programs are multi-phase. That is, they begin with a warm-up and preparation to stimulation phase followed by the work phase itself and a period of muscular relaxation and cooling down. The methods used the result of in-depth research and scientific experiments carried out by experts, produce the optimum condition for passive muscular exercise and lead to the achievement of remarkable results.

To see fast results using this therapy, it is necessary to take a minimum of 12 sessions, 2 sessions of at least 30 minutes per week. Its effect can be potentiated combining it with other reducing therapies. Its effect start showing after the 6th session of treatment and it will improve progressively.


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