Ultracavitation – Angel machine – Liposuction Alternatives – Bio-Cavitation

The Ultracavitation is a pain free non-invasive and non surgical technique used for body shaping that offers highly satisfactory results in inches loss and cellulite reduction from the first session. It is known as the “Alternative Lipo” or “Liposculpture without Liposuction”.

An ultrasonic amplifier delivers ultrasonic energy to subcutaneous fat breaking fat cell tissue without damaging the surroundings. The basic principle of Ultracavitation is the known physical phenomenon of cavitation, causing the formation of micro-bubbles in the interstitial fluid. The fluid then collapses and discharges a vapor micro-jet wave that damages the membranes of the adipose cells, causing extrusion of the triglycerides out of the fatty cell.



Ultracavitation Effects

The ultrasonic waves are accumulated in the treated area producing rupture of the membranes of adipocytes, and causing the release of the fat content (triglycerides) in the surrounded tissue. These are decomposed and metabolized through a physiological natural process, being evacuated through the lymphatic and venous systems and eliminated in urine and feces.

The Ultracavitation is a treatment for healthy people, who want to improve the appearance of their body without having surgery. Treatments are designed to safely and efficiently destroy localized fatty deposits and cellulite. It is a very appropriate treatment for abdomen, hips, saddle bags, inner and outer thighs, knees, arms, and love handles.

This procedure has no documented secondary effects, is pain free (just feel some warmth in the treated area), and does not require down time after sessions. Just before and after the treatment is recommended the intake of enough water to assure hydration and moisture of the treated tissue.

Cavitation results can be improved blending it with other body sculpting treatments such as Lymphatic massages, Pressotherapy, Vacuumtherapy, etc. These combined body sculpting treatments will accelerate the rate of release and give you optimal results in reducing water weight, detoxifying the body and treating cellulite.

Ultracavitation is completed in 6 to 12 sessions of 20 minutes per treated area. The results are progressive. Once removed the fatty cells will not re-grow. The effects will be permanent; however, this depends on not gaining any more weight in the future. A healthy life style and diet will ensure the new body shape is maintained. To drink plenty of water is recommended (between 1.5 and 2 liters a day).

This treatment is not recommended for pregnant women, persons having any prosthesis in the area to treat, people who suffer from epilepsy, or persons with pacemaker or suffer from infections or any important skin condition. It is also not applicable to people with liver or kidney problems.

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